TurboPricer Vendor Price Update

TurboPricer dramatically speeds the price request process by connecting your supply house vendors to your TurboBid items in real time. TurboPricer is the same as Trade Service’s Supplier xChange. There is a small fee required for this subscription.

TurboPricer includes a Vendor Price Update Analysis screen. All your items are included and show a comparison of the current pricing versus the new updated pricing. One of the columns includes the percentage of change between to current price and the updated price. You can sort by this column to quickly see how your vendor is manipulating your item prices. This is a great tool to keep your vendors honest.

An exception report is generated. The exception report displays alternative items that your vendor carries. You can easily import these alternate items into your database.

You can use the exception report to import the alternate items into your database. This makes it very simple to add additional vendor items to your database.

This video is the TurboPricer video tutorial. This video is available to view in our embedded video player while in TurboCloud. Click the Play button to watch this video.