Monitor with TurboBid estimating software and Learn how to run your electrical or plumbing contracting business the right way
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The #1 Electrical Estimating Software and Plumbing Estimating Software

No matter the size of your contracting business, TurboBid streamlines your estimates while saving you time and money.

Automatically calculates for labor and material cost. Material prices updated weekly or update your preferred supplier’s material costs in real-time.

TurboBid wizards allow you to calculate your company overhead, as well as your employee's labor burden costs so you only win profitable jobs.

The bid package will improve your professional image by displaying details of exactly what your customers are getting in their bid, including pictures and detailed pricing.

Perfect for flat rate pricing for service work, residential construction, commercial construction, and remodeling work.

TurboCloud Technology

Amazing TurboCloud Technology

  • Material prices updated weekly
  • Use your supply house pricing
  • Use the lowest priced vendor
  • Pictures of items and assemblies
  • Accurate pricing and labor units
  • Catalogs, spec sheets, etc.
  • Sort by your supply house
  • Sort by specification
  • No abbreviations in descriptions

Material Pricing Updates

Updates Your Material Pricing

  • TurboCloud: Material prices updated weekly.
  • TurboPricer: Connects to your supply house in real time.
  • NetPricer: Connects to your supply house in real time.
  • Supply House Update Files: Provided by your vendor.
  • TraSer: Updates Trade and Target prices.
  • EPIC: Updates Trade and Target prices.

Documents / Bid Package

Your bid package is what sets you apart from your competion

  • Our bid package will help you improve your professional image.
  • Detailed so they know exactly what they're getting in your quote.
  • Includes pictures of items and assemblies so they know exactly what they're paying for.
  • If your customers believe in your professionalism, you won't need to be the lowest bid price.

For All Types of Work

For electrical estimating and plumbing estimating

  • New residential construction
  • New commercial construction
  • New industrial construction
  • Remodeling quotes
  • Flat rate pricing for service work

On-Screen Take-Off

Interfaces with Planswift on-screen take-off software

  • Click on the symbols on your digital print
  • The symbol will be marked
  • The item or assembly quantity count will be added to TurboBid
  • Use linear measurements for conduit or cable runs
  • Add symbols from the TurboBid Symbol Library to value engineer the blueprint

Overhead & Burden Wizards

It takes a different skill set to be a business person

  • Overestimating overhead and burden costs can make your bids higher than they should be
  • Underestimating overhead and burden costs will eventually cause you to close down your company
  • Do you know you true employee labor burden costs?
  • Do you include non-productive, paid time off, or unpaid time off?
  • Do you know you overhead costs?

Our Customers Love TurboBid


"I know you feel like it's your obligation to help, but it's also your selling point and a big one for someone like me, who is somewhat computer illiterate."


from Oklahoma


"TurboBid has helped me go from losing money and jobs to getting profits and wining bids. I love
everything about it. The entire estimating process is quick and painless once you get it set up and with the customer support, setting up and learning how to use TurboBid is so easy.

Robert Cummings

Cummings Electric LLC


"Making the commitment to purchase the Turbobid Estimating Software was the best financial decision for our business. The software has allowed us to prepare high quality, professional bids for all of our projects."

JoEllen Scott

LSK Electrical


The Estimating Software Turbobid is a user friendly program. Very little work on my end. Everything is setup, all you have to do is compute the information. Thousands of assemblies and single items are available and everything can be edited or changed for up-to-date material cost.

Michael Holt

Groveland, FL


To be very honest, since TurboBid came into my company, I have increased my profits and have won 14 jobs that KNG has bid. Now that you have more commercial  products, it just makes it that much easier estimating.

Glenn Silva

Goffstown, NH