Monitor with TurboBid estimating software and Learn how to run your electrical or plumbing contracting business the right way

Electrical Estimating & Bidding Software For Contractors

TurboBid presents trusted electrical estimating software for residential and light commercial contractors.

Complete estimates in half the time.

Calculates labor and material costs, taking the guesswork out of your bidding process.

Accurate material prices with weekly updates or update costs from your preferred suppliers in real-time.

TurboBid wizards calculate your company overhead and employees' labor burden costs. Only win profitable jobs, maximizing your success and profitability.

Improve your professional image with bid packages with pictures and pricing. Make an informed choice that works best for your business.

TurboCloud Technology

We maintain our master database in the clouds. Whenever we add items/ assemblies, you are asked to sync your database.

Includes a grid view that includes pictures of items & assemblies, along with pricing, labor hours, catalogs and spec sheets.

Our Trade and Target material prices are updated every Monday.

Material Pricing Updates

TurboPricer & NetPricer, both of which connect to your supply house & allow updated prices in real time.

Many supply houses will provide you with a free price file to update your pricing.

Update prices with Trade Service & EPIC.

TurboBid's Bid Package

Looking for a best in class bid package that will make your customers choose you, without being the lowest bid?

Our documents are not only highly detailed, including pictures, but also give off a professional appearance.

What Type of Work?

New construction, remodeling work, service work, and even flat rate pricing.

Flat rate pricing gives you peace of mind knowing that you won't have to worry about any hidden costs or surprises along the way.

Seamless Take-off

Click on symbols on your digital print, they will be marked and counted in TurboBid.

Conduit or cable runs can use linear measurements, further streamlining your estimating process.

Overhead & Burden Wizards

Overestimating these costs can lead to higher bids, resulting in missed opportunities for profitable projects.

Underestimating these costs can be even more detrimental, potentially causing the closure of your company.

Our Customers Love TurboBid


"I wanted to share some thoughts with you about the tools that electrical contractors invest in when starting out. It's surprising that they often hesitate to spend anything on estimating software, which are actually the most crucial tools for any electrical contractor.

What sets TurboBid apart is its exceptional value for money. In my experience, it more than pays for itself in time savings and increased profitability. With TurboBid, you can estimate jobs in a fraction of the time it would take manually, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business."

The Electric Guy

West Haven, UT


"Prior to finding TurboBid, I explored other well-known estimating programs, but I found that they primarily catered to commercial material databases. However, TurboBid stood out because it offers the versatility to handle both residential and commercial estimating. But let me tell you, it's much more than just an estimating program.

One of the things I love about TurboBid is the ability to create a personalized and professional image for my company. With features like room-by-room take-offs, option pricing, proposal inclusions, and a defined contract pricing printout, I can show my customers exactly what they're getting. This level of transparency has been invaluable in building trust and credibility with my clients."

Hoffbeck Electric

Lake Shore, MN


"What sets TurboBid apart is its incredible flexibility. I can tailor it perfectly to fit my business needs and expenses. The bid package reports it generates are completely customizable, which is a huge advantage for me. And the best part? The price I paid was significantly lower than other programs on the market, and I didn't have to go through the hassle of attending a course to learn how to use it. The software is simple and user-friendly, which is why I'm still a loyal user."

Sooner Electric

Goltry, Oklahoma


"I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for your program. Honestly, I believe it should be a "must buy" for any new contractors out there. Not only did it provide me with valuable insights into setting up my shop, but it also helped me think through my business in ways I hadn't considered before. Although I know this wasn't your main intention, it was an incredible bonus for me.

Once again, thank you so very much for everything. Your program and customer service have truly made a positive impact on my business."

Clear Creek Electric

Mesa, AZ.


"I used to dread estimating jobs as an electrical contractor. It seemed like I was always losing money or missing out on opportunities. That all changed when I discovered TurboBid.

Initially, I was skeptical about investing in a computer program just for bidding jobs. However, after trying out the trial version, I was convinced within an hour and immediately purchased the full version. TurboBid has completely transformed my business, turning losses into profits and helping me win bids."

Cummings Electric LLC

Little Egg Harbor, NJ


"One of the features that has been the most useful for me is the estimate pricing detail in proposals. It's exactly what my customers have been asking for in a proposal format, and it's so simple to use. Now, I can create quick and accurate proposals for small service jobs, with every task already broken out. This means my customers don't have to call back and ask for a breakdown, saving both them and me valuable time. Plus, it eliminates the tedious task of defending the total job price because they see from the start what the job will require.

You have always come through for me when I needed help, and I can't thank you enough."

Clayco Electric Company

N. Kansas City, MO


"I wanted to share with you how making the decision to invest in the Turbobid Estimating Software has greatly benefited our business financially. This software has completely revolutionized the way we prepare bids for our projects, no matter the size or complexity. From small service calls to proposals for General Contractors, we are now able to present high-quality and professional bids.

The commitment of this company to the success of each subscriber is truly remarkable."

LSK Electrical

Jupiter, Florida


"I wanted to share with you my experience with Turbobid, the Estimating Software. It's an incredibly user-friendly program that has made my life so much easier. The best part is, there's very little work required on my end. Everything is already set up for you, so all you have to do is compute the information.

I can't recommend TurboBid enough to any Electrical Contractor. It has truly revolutionized the way I estimate projects, saving me time and effort.

Give Turbobid a try and experience the ease and efficiency it brings to your estimating process."

Premier Power Inc.

Groveland, Florida


"I wanted to share some exciting news with you. Ever since we started using TurboBid at our company, I've seen a significant boost in profits. In fact, I've successfully secured 14 jobs that KNG had also bid on. It's been a game-changer for us.

I just had to reach out and let you know about the incredible impact TurboBid has had on our business. It's truly been a game-changer for us in terms of profitability and winning bids."

KNG Electrical LLC

Goffstown, New Hampshire