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On-Screen Take-Off

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TurboBid includes a take-off screen that allows you to quickly enter material quantities. You can even choose to break up the take-off into individual rooms or locations. Submitting a quantity take-off report by room or location to your customer is going to make you look like a rock star. 

TurboBid also interfaces with Planswift on-screen take-off software. Using Planswift with TurboBid will allow you to click on the symbols on your digital print and automatically add the quantity count, or linear measurements, into TurboBid's take-off screen.

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When counting the different electrical symbols (these symbols are associated with assemblies in TurboBid), the symbols on the print will be highlighted indicating that you have counted the symbol. 

When measuring anything that represents a per foot assembly in TurboBid (Homeruns, trenching, etc.), you will select where to start the run with your cursor, and when you move the cursor, a line will be drawn on the print. When you stop, the line will remain and the linear measurement will be entered into TurboBid's take-off screen. TurboBid will automatically calculate the amount of pipe, wire, couplings, straps, etc.

Please understand that you do not need Planswift to complete a take-off in TurboBid. You don't even need Planswift to view digital prints. You can always view your digital prints in a PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat, mark the electrical symbols on the print as you count them, and manually enter the quantities into TurboBid's take-off screen.

However, there are benefits in using Planswift with TurboBid. Having the count quantities automatically entered into TurboBid is pretty cool. So is the ability to scale the print and add linear measurements into TurboBid's take-off screen.

It all comes down to convenience and your perceived return on investment. 


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Click here to view a video demonstration of the On-Screen Take-Off



You may also use the following optional TurboBid Symbol Library to add symbols to your prints for value engineering or for design build. Each symbol is also available with a red circle around it. These red circled symbols can be used for value engineering to easily identify the symbols that you have added to the blueprint.


Note: The Planswift software program must be purchased from Planswift. The cost is $1,595 if you order Planswift through our shopping cart. If you purchase Planswift directly from Planswift, the cost will be $1,595 plus an additional $300 for the TurboBid Symbol Library







Fire Alarm

Power Symbols



Customer Reviews

What our clients are saying

    Clear Creek Electric, LLC

    "I began using the new Flat Rate feature the moment it was uploaded. I have made our first Flat Rate book to distribute to the residental service crew. I just plugged in our rates and it was ready."


    Clear Creek Electric, LLC

    "With money being so tight starting an electrical business, I reviewed many bid software programs. Yours is the very best bid software I have ever seen."


    from Oklahoma

    "I know you feel like it's your obligation to help, but it's also your selling point and a big one for someone like me, who is somewhat computer illiterate."


    Premier Power Inc.

    "The Estimating Software Turbobid is a user friendly program. Very little work on my end. Everything is setup, all you have to do is compute the information."


  • JoEllen Scott:
    LSK Electrical

    "Making the commitment to purchase the Turbobid Estimating Software was the best financial decision for our business. The software has allowed us to prepare high quality, professional bids for all of our projects."


  • Robert Plourde:
    Electrical Contractors & Associates

    "Once you experience the software and how user friendly it is, you will walk away with the best estimating program out there."


  • Joshua Schaeffer:
    Electrocal, Inc.

    "I have been elated since I chose TurboBid. I did a LOT of research before choosing them. They had the right base price for the software, I liked that I had an actual software package not an online only program. I can honestly say that a small part of me depends on TurboBid now."


  • Robert Elmore:
    R.G. Elmore & Associates Inc.

    "Great customer service, everyone at Turbo Bid is great and they care about their customers, always available for good advice and a great learning experience. They really go the extra mile to help with a problem you may have encountered."


  • Robert Cummings:
    Cummings Electric LLC

    "TurboBid has helped me go from losing money and jobs to getting profits and wining bids. I love everything about it. The entire estimating process is quick and painless once you get it set up and with the customer support, setting up and learning how to use TurboBid is so easy."