TurboBid Documents & Your Customer's Bid Package

Have you ever received a bid package from a contractor to fix an issue at your house or office? If so, what was your impression of the company based upon their Bid Package?

Were you so impressed with the quality of the quote or bid package that you knew right away that this was a contractor that you could trust to do a great job, even though they were not the lowest bid price you received?

Why would you pay someone more to fix an issue at your house or office. It's because you know that the lowest bid price doesn't matter if you have doubts about the quality of work that you'll receive at your house or office.

Here's what I think matters most to customers when it comes to a contractor working in their house or office. Does the contractor exude a sense of professionalism? Do they present themselves well by wearing descent clothes, including a company shirt?

Do their formal proposal outline the following? TurboBid's formal proposal allows you to quickly select whatever you want included in the proposal.
* What is included or excluded in the quote.
* Warranty information.
* Descriptions of what will be installed.
* Can the formal proposal be used as a binding contract.

Are they providing documents that includes the following?
* Pictures of what will be installed.
* Quantities of what will be installed.
* Full descriptions of what will be installed.
* Displays what will be installed in each room.
* Displays what will be installed by category.
* Is there a per each price as well as a total price.
* Is there a total price for each service work task.
* For new construction, is the price broken up into payout phases.
* For new construction, are the blueprints value engineered.

The bid package that you submit to your customer is the only opportunity that you'll have to show them what type of professionalism and detail they can expect from you on the job. If you can do this, you won't have to be the lowest bid price to be awarded the job. 


Add Your Company Logo

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TurboBid's Documents Tab

All of TurboBid's reports are automatically generated from the information entered during the estimating process. This means that you can generate highly professional bid packages and reports with a click of a button.


You can export all of the documents to Excel, Word or PDF.

This video represents TurboBid's Documents tab. Click the Play button and explore the documents by clicking on the various document buttons.