Success Stories and Customer Testimonials


In addition to the following TurboBid user testimonials, we can provide you with phone numbers and email address' of actual TurboBid users. They have agreed to make themselves available to answer any questions that you may have.

Some of the following testimonials include contact information. Please feel free to ask them their honest opinion of TurboBid.


Adam Newport

I began using the new Flat Rate feature the moment it was uploaded. I have made our first Flat Rate book to distribute to the residential service crew. I just plugged in our rates and it was ready.

The most useful feature is the estimate pricing detail in proposals. It’s simple to use and is exactly what my customers have been asking for in a proposal format. I can create a quick accurate proposal for small service jobs with every task already broken out. They don’t have to call back and ask for a breakdown. This has already saved me time and the tedious task of defending the total job price. They see from the start what the job will require.

TurboBid is the best system I have seen. It allows complete customization. I don’t feel like I have to give up my manual take-off experience and let a machine do it as many claim a software requires. It just has sped up every estimating task with greater accuracy and consistency.

I have made believers out of the old guys who never trusted the other systems. Here it is Sunday and I’m quoting jobs with much less headaches.

Thanks for everything. You have always come through for me when I needed help.



Dave Olsen

With money being so tight starting an electrical business, I reviewed many bid software programs.  Yours is the very best bid software I have ever seen.

I can honestly say that your program should be a "must buy” for new contractors.  It even helped me "think through” my business and how I want to set up my shop.  I know this was not your intention, but it was the extra benefit I received.

The other thing that really impressed me was your customer service.  Your patience and willingness to spend hours helping me work through my first couple of bids was amazing and has been invaluable.  Thank you so very much. 

In addition, you are a man of your word.  What you say you will do, you do.  How rare is that in business now a days.  It has been a pleasure working with you and learning from you. 

Thank you so very much,
Dave Olson
Clear Creek Electric, LLC
Mesa, AZ.



Barry Koehn

Thanks Bill. Is there a place on your website that I could log in or go to to leave a testimonial? As much as you've helped me it's the least I can do. I know you feel like it's your obligation to help, but it's also your selling point and a big one for someone like me, who is somewhat computer illiterate.

Following are some of the things I like about your program:

  • All of the material items and assemblies in the database and the fact that I can add my own.
  • The auto upgrades
  • The changeable labor units
  • The overhead calculator and the labor rate calculator.
  • TurboBid is a totally flexible system that I can tailor to my business business and it's expenses.
  • The bid package reports that TurboBid generates are completely customizable to suit my needs and wants.
  • The price that I paid was way less than the other programs I looked at and I didn't have to take a course somewhere to use it.
  • The software is not complicated or hard to use. I'm a simple man and if this was a complicated system, I wouldn't still be using it.

Barry Koehn



Michael Holt

The Estimating Software Turbobid is a user friendly program. Very little work on my end. Everything is setup, all you have to do is compute the information. Thousands of assemblies and single items are available and everything can be edited or changed for up-to-date material cost.

I would recommend TurboBid to any Electrical Contractor.

Michael Holt - Master Electrician
Premier Power Inc.
Groveland, FL



Robert Plourde

Being in business since 1974, I have purchased almost every estimating program out there. I simply wanted a software program that my electricians could easily use and understand.

Then one day, while visiting Mike Holt’s website, I read about TurboBid and decided to download a demo. What I found was soon to be the best estimating software out there; reasonably priced, user friendly, along with the best technical support I have ever received.  It almost seemed too good to be true.

On May 13th, 2008 I started emailing TurboBid support with every question I could think of; the "what ifs”, "hidden costs”, "training”, "licensing”, etc. Within hours, TurboBid would respond to my emails truthfully answering any questions I had. I knew that for the time and effort the company spent communicating with its customers that they would stand behind their product 100%.

Aside from the company’s service, the most amazing part about the software is its extremely reasonable cost that includes automatic updates on new features and improvements.

I would highly recommend TurboBid for any electrical contractor. This is a program created for electrical contractors by an electrical contractor.  Once you experience the software and how user friendly it is, you will walk away with the best estimating program out there.

Robert G. Plourde
Electrical Contractors & Associates
East Hampstead, NH  



Glenn Silva

To be very honest, since TurboBid came into my company, I have increased my profits and have won 14 jobs that KNG has bid. Now that you have more commercial  products, it just makes it that much easier estimating.

Glenn Silva
KNG Electrical LLC
Goffstown, NH



Craig Hoffbeck

I am a new contractor, but not new to the electrical business.  I knew when I went into business for myself I needed an estimating program that would work for "residential". I shopped the "other" big name estimating programs and I found that they were mainly commercial material database programs. 

TurboBid is definitely able to do both residential and commercial estimating; but it is much more than a estimating program.  I am able to let my customers see exactly what they are getting with room by room take-offs, option pricing, proposal inclusions and a defined contract pricing print out. TurboBid has allowed me to show the customer a very personable and professional image of our company. I do enjoy the continued support of the TurboBid Team  taking the time to incorporate my ideas on the forum to make the program and material database even better. 

6/5/08 - Follow-up message received from Craig:

My business has really taken off the last three months and I have to credit that to TurboBid as my customers like my thoroughness as well as a detailed estimate.  I know I have won bids against some of my local competitors  by being able to present a great proposal.


Craig Hoffbeck
Hoffbeck Electric & Design, LLC
Lake Shore, MN



Scott Williams

I purchased TurboBid 10 minutes after I had reviewed it! It is exactly what I have been looking for to estimate our single, custom, town homes, Multifamily and commercial projects with.The detail & flexibility in this program is excellent.

I have used Accubid, Timberline which is Sage now, EBM, and about every estimating software there is on the market but, nothing I have used worked for residential applications.

I expected to pay a heck of alot more for a program that does this much, I got a bargain and a excellent product that fits our needs. My Son and I were very impressed with the labor section, especially the Corp Burden that so many people forget to add in to their labor cost. Another fine product in our arsenal to succeed.

Scott Williams
Great Plaines electric
Denver, CO.



Jim Dukes

After months of evaluating several programs, I have finally purchased TurboBid, and couldn't be happier. The price was right and the information I can track with this software is invaluable in a cut throat market. I am truly an example of the "little guy" as we are a shop that rarely has more than 2-3 employees. I appreciate Bill's commitment to improving his program and applaud Mike for giving this excellent program the attention it deserves.

Jim Dukes
Dukes Electric
Wasilla, AK.



Rod Fite

I bought Turbobid a few months ago. I know sometimes, when you're starting out, buying an estimating program can seem like a luxury, but you have to remember it's a tool, just like an electric screwdriver. Can you get your job done without it? Yes. Is it better for your business to have an electric screwdriver even though a manual one is cheaper...sure it is.

I spent quite some time looking at software before I bought Turbobid and almost everything I looked at was more expensive, but more importantly there just wasn't anything that was set up as well.

Rod Fite
Rodney E. Fite Corporation
San Francisco, CA



Robert Cummings

Estimating jobs was always a nightmare for me. I am newly in business and money is always tight. I was either losing money on jobs or just not getting them. Frustrated, I took a class on electrical estimating and the instructor turned me on to TurboBid.

I was leery about spending money on a computer program just to bid jobs but I downloaded the trial, and an hour later I was purchasing the full version.

TurboBid has helped me go from losing money and jobs to getting profits and wining bids. I love everything about it. The entire estimating process is quick and painless once you get it set up and with the customer support, setting up and learning how to use TurboBid is so easy.

I am the type of guy that HATES having to get help. Bill Ruffner has changed all that. He even took an hour of his time on a SUNDAY to go over the program with me. I can't say enough about TurboBid. If you are an electrical contractor that wants to be competitive in today's tight market and your not using TurboBid I suggest you get with the program, The TurboBid program that is!!!

Robert Cummings
Cummings Electric LLC
Little Egg Harbor, NJ



Dan Maas

TurboBid is the first estimating system to attack the market with the most natural method of estimating. The paper takeoff form that you've been using is now replaced with an intuitive on screen takeoff sheet that makes estimating easier to do and easy to check.

The takeoff then becomes a part of a complete proposal.  The breakdown of device assemblies by room provide a clear picture of what is included in the proposal that will put your customer at ease. Changes are easier because everything is clearly spelled out eliminating confusion and pricing issues. A happy client is a repeat client and TurboBid gets you off on the right foot!

Dan Maas
North Coast Refrigeration & Electric
Fort Bragg, CA



Bruce Price

If you visit electrical forums on the internet you’ll find the same two questions keep getting asked over and over again. How long will it take to complete the electrical for a type of home and how much should I charge to wire this house. Having good estimating software and using it means you’ll know how long the job will take. You won’t have to ask this question on a forum and get twenty different answers from twenty different people.

Electrical contractors starting out will spend thousands of dollars on tools and equipment but are reluctant to spend anything on estimating and accounting software. In my opinion these are the most important tools an electrical contractor can own.

I’ve tried several estimating programs ranging in price from free to a couple thousand dollars. I wasn’t satisfied with any of these. TurboBid simplifies and automates the whole process from the take-off to submitting the bid proposal.

TurboBid is an excellent program at a very affordable price that will more than pay for itself in time. It will save time estimating jobs and produce profitable bids.

I highly recommend TurboBid combined with Mike Holt’s Illustrated Guide to Electrical Estimating.

Bruce D. Price
The Electric Guy
West Haven, UT



Jorge R Rivera

After many month of research I finally found the best bidding software for any electrical contractor starting out. This software grows right along with your business. It has everything you need for learning your business cost so that you can compete and make money. It even has an overhead calculator. This software has shown me personally all the weaknesses I had. It is one of the most valuable tools that I have.

For a small guy like me, this software pays off in quick and efficient bids. It is quick to learn. They even have free classes for learning the software. If you have a problem with anything, give a call or email and soon you will get your problem resolved. Compared to the other software that cost thousands of dollars more, TurboBid can't be beat.

Jorge R Rivera
Camden Electric LLC
Camden, N J



Jeff Liner

"If you're as helpful with your electrical contracting as you are with your software, you're pretty damn good!"

Jeff Liner
Liner Electric
Elkhorn, WI



Craig Sherman

I appreciate your rapid responses to my emails.  I only wish other businesses were as professional and engaging as your's.  Wish you much success with TurboBid.  Keep up the good work!

P.S.  I would be interested in becoming an independent sales rep.  I think your product is that good.  Let me know when you get the chance if the offer is still open.

Safelectric LLC
Craig P Sherman
Mechanicsville, MD



The following is a post from Mike Holts' forum.


I use Turbobid and I can't say enough good things about it. Once you get it set up right its definitely the best estimating program money can buy. Its reasonably priced and the support you get once you buy it can't be beat. I bought it about a year ago and I think it was one of the best business investments I have made.



JoEllen Scott

Making the commitment to purchase the Turbobid Estimating Software was the best financial decision for our business. The software has allowed us to prepare high quality, professional bids for all of our projects - from small service calls to proposals for General Contractors. The customer support from the company has been exceptional. Their hands on approach and business background has been crucial in ensuring that we were thorough and complete. We have felt like I have had 'coaches' right there with me learning the software. The support and background they have as tradesmen adds a level of support and detail that is crucial in making changes to how we operate our growing business. The company is truly committed to ensuring that each subscriber is successful in reaching their business goals. It has given us the competitive edge we needed in the market today.

JoEllen Scott
LSK Electrical



Wattcom Electric Inc.

TurboBid estimating software has forced myself and my employees to be more organized and most importantly profitable! What a difference! It's cut my time spent on estimates to a fraction of the time it used to take and has won us more bid by being so complete.



Patrick Papasavas

I wanted to give you a little update on my turbo bid experience. I have really enjoyed using it. I have found it easy to learn. I am not a full expert on it yet, but learn something new about it often. It really has been a helpful tool for my contracting division. I got information of competitor bids on projects. I have never been the highest and sometimes was the lowest. The bid price has mostly landed in the middle. This makes us competitive with the other contractors out there who are probably using ConEst (Which we did not like). To me this proves you offer a great program.


Patrick Papasavas, Production Manager


Robert Elmore

We are able to turn out the most professional proposals in the least amount of time. You can give your customer anything from just a plain bid price to an extensive proposal that includes all of the equipment being used, and all of the labor being supplied. Even a room by room breakdown of the items included for your customers review.

I like the ease of use, and was up and running in an afternoon. They have great customer service, everyone at TurboBid is great and they care about their customers, always available for good advice and a great learning experience. They really go the extra mile to help with a problem you may have encountered.


Joshua Schaeffer

TurboBid is an excellent product and has excellent customer service. I have been elated since I chose TurboBid. I did a LOT of research before choosing them. They had the right base price for the software, I liked that I had an actual software package not an online only program. I can honestly say that a small part of me depends on TurboBid now.

Being a small one person shop, I can always do things way faster in my head. Then I get on the job and realize, what about the screws! What about the hole that I didn't think would take me so long and now drilling that one hole ate up my profit. Not with TurboBid. Now I don't do off the top of my head bids anymore, I run the job through TurboBid and I know I will be profitable when I give my price. It may not always be the cheapest bid, but it will be the right bid at the right price for my company.

Do a few jobs once and compare them apples to apples for labor hours. If you are honest, I bet your actual labor hours comes out pretty close to what TurboBid estimates! I am way more profitable now as a company. It really paid for itself after a few bids. Oh and their customer service is top notch!!! I had an issue and the Vice president worked with me on it! That is service!