Price Source

Each item in TurboBid can have a default price source.

  • List Price: This is the manufacturer’s suggested price. The list price is typically higher the TurboBid price, so this setting might be appropriate for service work or time and material quotes.

  • TurboBid Price: The TurboBid price uses a proprietary matrix to calculate the national average cost that you’ll pay for the item at a supply house. This price is updated every week and is available via TurboCloud.

  • Lowest Vendor Price: Each item can have unlimited vendor pricing. This default will automatically use the lowest vendor price in the estimate.

  • Default Vendor: Use this default if you always purchase the item from a specific vendor. This is helpful if you want to order your material from just one supply house.


Item Editor's Price Source


You can change the price source in the material screen.

You can change an individual items price source, or you can change every item's price source.


Video Tutorial: The following Video Tutorial is included in TurboBid. It will teach you how to change the price source in the material screen.