Group by Category, Job Phase, Manufacturer, or Price Source

By Category

Every item in TurboBid falls under a specific category.


TurboBid's material screen grouped by category


By Job Phase

Grouping by job phase allows you view how many man hours each phase will take to complete.


TurboBid's material screen grouped by job phase


By Manufacturer

Grouping by manufacturer allows you to ensure that you're using the correct material.


TurboBid's material screen grouped by manufacturer


By Price Source

* List Price: Manufacturers suggested price.
* TurboBid Price: Proprietary matrix used to update material prices every month that reflect the average national cost through a supply house.
* Lowest Vendor Price: Each item can have multiple vendor prices. This setting will automatically use the lowest priced vendor cost.
* Default Vendor Price: If you purchase an item from a specified vendor.


    TurboBid's material screen grouped by price source



    Video Tutorial: The following Video Tutorial is included in TurboBid. It will teach you how to use the Group By feature of the material screen.