Supply House Vendor Filter

The purpose of the supply house vendor filter is that it serves multiple functions within our system.

When you access the "Pricing Details" tab in the Item Editor, you'll notice a section that displays the vendors who carry a particular item. These vendors are the ones you have selected in the "Manage Vendors" screen. By selecting a vendor, you can filter the item tree and grid to only show items that include that specific vendor.

This feature is especially helpful when you want to see which items are available from your chosen vendor(s). It streamlines the process of finding and comparing items that your vendor(s) carry.

Additionally, if multiple vendors are listed as the pricing source, you can easily choose to use the pricing for the lowest priced vendor. This allows for seamless substitution of assembly items with items carried by your vendor(s).

This video represents the Supply House Vendor Filter. Click the Play button, then click the red outlined items.