Synchronization with Cloud

We'd like to introduce you to TurboCloud, an incredible application that seamlessly interfaces with TurboBid. One of its standout features is the ability to display material items and assemblies in a clear and organized manner.

By default, TurboCloud provides essential information such as the manufacturer, Catalog #, Material Cost, and Labor Hours. However, it doesn't stop there. With TurboCloud, you have the power to customize the display to show Flat Rate pricing. This means that your customers will see the exact price they will pay for the item or assembly, regardless of how long it takes to install. This can have a significant impact on your revenue, allowing you to increase it dramatically.

Normal Display

TurboBid's TurboCloud

The beauty of TurboCloud lies in its seamless integration with TurboBid. We host our TurboBid master database on a secure Microsoft Azure SQL Server located in the cloud. Every week, we diligently update TurboBid's Trade and TurboBid prices. In addition, we continually add new items and assemblies to our master database. Whenever we make these updates, you will receive a notification within TurboBid, prompting you to run a synchronization. This will ensure that your local database is always up-to-date, matching our cloud-based master database.

To learn more about TurboCloud and its incredible features, I encourage you to visit our website at Simply click on Solutions and explore all the possibilities TurboCloud can bring to your estimating process. I guarantee you'll be impressed by the added value TurboCloud offers.

Flat Rate Pricing Display

TurboBid's TurboCloud Flat Rate Pricing