Synchronization with Cloud

We'd like to introduce you to TurboCloud, an incredible application that seamlessly interfaces with TurboBid.

The beauty of TurboCloud lies in its seamless integration with TurboBid. We host our TurboBid master database on a secure Microsoft Azure SQL Server located in the cloud. Every week, we diligently update TurboBid's Trade and TurboBid prices. In addition, we continually add new items and assemblies to our master database. Whenever we make these updates, you will receive a notification within TurboBid, prompting you to run a synchronization. This will ensure that your local database is always up-to-date, matching our cloud-based master database.


We maintain a master database on a secure Microsoft Azure server. 

* Every week on Monday, we update our material item prices.
* We continue to add new items and assemblies on a regular basis.
* If an item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, we add (Discontinued) to the end of the item's description and move the item into a Discontinued folder.
* We continue to add new folders where needed for your convenience.
* If an item has a new UPC #, Catalog #, or a new Labor Unit, we revise them.
* The TurboCloud synchronization process allows us to maintain your database for you, at a much lower cost than what you would incur if you were to maintain your own database.