TurboCloud Items & Assemblies

Estimating systems need to be installed locally on your computer rather than being online so that you're not held hostage to an internet connection. The problem with other locally installed estimating systems is that after you download their database, you're left on your own to add new items and to create your own new assemblies.

Where TurboCloud comes into play is that as time goes by, we continue to add new items and assemblies to our master database. Through our exclusive TurboCloud technology, you're able to synchronize your local database with our cloud based master database.

We host our TurboBid master database on a secure Microsoft Azure SQL Server located in the clouds. The TurboCloud control panel, which is located in your copy of TurboBid, communicates with our master database. The left side of the TurboCloud control panel displays the contents of your local database and the right side displays the contents of our master database. You can filter the display to only show the items and assemblies that are in our master database that you don't already have in your local database. You simply drag what you want from our master database to your local database.

We update the Trade and TurboBid prices every week. Trade prices are the manufacturer’s suggested price and the TurboBid price is the national average price that you’ll pay for an item at a supply house.

The items in TurboCloud are world class. Every item includes incredible detail so that both you and your customer know exactly what the item is.