When We Complete an Residential Estimate

The following will be included in the price of completing a residential electrical estimate.


Bill Ruffner, TurboBid's founder and CEO, will be the TurboBid employee that will estimate your residential electrical projects.


We will update your database's material prices, as well as add new items and assemblies via TurboCloud.


    I can help you complete the employee burden wizard and the overhead calculator so that your estimates use the correct cost values.


      I will use Planswift On-Screen Take-Off to complete the take-off.

            • I will send screenshots of your digital blueprint showing that each symbol has a red diagonal slash mark so that you can confirm that everything was taken off.
            • I will complete a Per Plan, Value Engineered, and any Options that are included in the blueprint.
            • I will complete a room-by -room take-off.


      I will provide you with a professional bid package.

            • I will create a job folder that has the name of your customer.
            • I will create a folder for each project. This folder will include a complete bid package.
            • Each document will include the name of the document, as well as reference the project.
            • You can simply attach the documents that you want to send to your customer to an email.


      The following documents will be included:


      Once you receive your database back, we can get together in a screen sharing session and go over the estimate together.
            • This will give us a chance to go over the estimate so that you can understand everything that I included in the estimate.


      If you have the code requirements for the jurisdiction having authority, please forward them to me.