Display Options

We have recently added a new feature to TurboCloud's tool strip - the Display Options button. TurboCloud® is the ultimate Flat Rate Price Book that offers a wide range of features including displaying Pictures, Catalogs, Spec Sheets, Catalog Descriptions, and Specifications.

Now, with the new Display Options button, you can easily show your customers various display options. This allows them to see all the items and assemblies that are available for installation in their project. It's a great way to provide a visual representation of the products and services you offer.

Give it a try and see how TurboCloud can enhance your customer experience and streamline your project management.

The Display Option button will open a new screen where you can select TurboCloud's Display Option.

 TurboCloud's Select the Display Option screen

Regular View

Items: Displays the Manufacturer Name, Catalog Number, TurboBid Price, and Labor Unit.

Assemblies: Displays the Material Price and Labor Hours.

TurboCloud's Regular Display Option


No Material Prices or Labor Units:

Items: Displays the Manufacturer Name and Catalog Number.

Assemblies: Displays no data.

TurboCloud's No Material or Labor Display Option


Flat Rate View:

Items: Displays the Manufacturer Name, Catalog Number, and Flat Rate Price.

Assemblies: Displays the Flat Rate Price.

TurboCloud's Flat Rate Display Option