Replace Items that have Duplicate UPC Numbers

You have the ability to import a list of material that your supply house carries. TurboBid's admin team is constantly adding new items to our database. The items that we add to the database include detailed descriptions, UPC #, Catalog #, Manufacturer, List Price, TurboBid Price, Unit of Measure, Package Quantity, Labor Unit, Picture of the Item, Catalog, Spec Sheet, Warranty, Specifications, etc. In other words, the items that we add will probably include more detail than the items that you add.


If we have added the same item that you have added, it will result in duplicate UPC numbers. If this happens, the material screen will display the item that you created with a warning icon. You can easily replace the item that you created with the item that TurboBid's admin team created.


You can right click on an item and select to replace the item. You can choose to change the item in every assembly in the database or just the assemblies in the estimate.


Video Tutorial: The following Video Tutorial is included in TurboBid. It will teach you how to replace items that have duplicate UPC #s in the material screen.