Duplicate UPC Numbers

I wanted to let you know about a great feature in TurboBid that can save you time and effort. We have the ability to import a list of materials that your supply house carries directly into our database. Our admin team is constantly updating our database with new items, and we make sure to include detailed descriptions, UPC numbers, catalog numbers, manufacturer information, list prices, TurboBid prices, unit of measure, package quantities, labor units, pictures of the item, catalogs, spec sheets, warranties, specifications, and more.

The advantage of using our database is that the items we add often come with more detail than what you might add manually. However, we understand that you may have already added some items yourself. In cases where we have added the same item as you, it can result in duplicate UPC numbers. But don't worry, our material screen will display a warning icon next to the item you created.

To resolve this, we have made it simple for you to replace the item you created with the item our admin team added. Just right-click on the item and select the option to replace it. You can choose to change the item in every assembly in the database or only in the assemblies in the estimate.

This feature is designed to streamline your workflow and ensure accurate and up-to-date information in your estimates.


Video Tutorial: The following Video Tutorial is included in TurboBid. It will teach you how to replace items that have duplicate UPC #s in the material screen.