Material Price Updates


Updates Vendor pricing. Dramatically speeds the price request process by connecting your supply house vendors to your TurboBid items in real time. TurboPricer is the same as Trade Service’s Supplier xChange. There is a small fee required for this subscription.

Vendor Price Update Files

Updates Vendor pricing. Many supply houses have formatted Vendor Price Update Files that are used to update your vendor prices. These price files are sent to you via email attachment every month and are supplied to you from your vendor free of charge. View a list of vendors that provide material price update files for TurboBid.


Updates Vendor pricing. Instantly updates your TurboBid items to reflect your current supply house pricing. A subscription to NetPricer is required.


Updates Trade and TurboBid prices. Updated every week. 

Trade Service's Tra-Ser

Updates Trade and TurboBid prices. A subscription to Tra-Ser is required.


Updates Trade and TurboBid prices. A subscription to EPIC is required.