Service Work: Take-Off tab

We have revised the Take-Off tab.

Enter the material quantities, additional minutes needed to gain access, to drill obstacles and fish wire, and increase labor in the event that a worse-case scenario happens.


You can add a location or a description of the service work that you will perform to the take-off tab. Checkboxes are included next to the location or description of the service work. Select an estimate and check the box for the location or description of the service work to be added to the estimate.

Select Columns Video Tutorial


Add items and/or assemblies to the service work take-off tab.

* Add Material Video Tutorial


The material sort order lets you rearrange the order that your material is displayed to facilitate the way that you take-off an estimate.

* Material Sort Order Video Tutorial


You can change the take-off tab names.

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We have added textboxes to the take-off tab that contain various costs for the current take-off tab. These include material and labor costs, time and material tasks for material and labor costs, labor for gaining access for service work tasks, labor for drilling through obstacles to feed the device, ability to add minutes or a percentage for flat rate pricing, total labor, total labor cost, misc. expenses, overhead cost, profit amount, and bid price.

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Take-Off tab for Service Work estimates