Item Editor

Overview Tab

Item Editor's Overview Tab Video Tutorial

Overview Tab
Full descriptions with abbreviations.

Item Information
Manufacturer, Catalog #, UPC #, Your Company ID #.

Pricing Details
List Price (Manufacturers Price), TurboBid Price (Average price updated weekly), Lowest Vendor Price (Name & price), Pricing Unit of Measure, Package Quantity (Alerts you of minimum order quantity when ordering material), Price Status, Last Price Change (Date).

Labor Details
Select one of the following: TurboBid Labor Unit, Use Global Adjustment (-10.00%) (Reflects the projects type of work percentage), Custom Labor Unit.

Additional Information
Job Phase (Material orders are broken up by Job Phase (Trim, Rough, etc.).

Item Picture
Select image file icon (This allows you to use the same image on multiple items), Select image from image catalog icon (This allows you to use your own item images).

Warranty, Datasheet, Catalog, Spec Sheet, Installation Manual, MSDS.

Locate on Tree icon
Clicking this icon will cause the tree to expand and display the item.

Add  to Open Assembly icon
Clicking this icon will add the item to an open Assembly.

Add to Estimate icon
Clicking this icon will add the Item to the active estimate.

Video Tutorial
Various video tutorials play in an embedded video player so that you can easily understand how to use items.

TurboCloud Items Editor's Overview Tab

Pricing Details Tab


Item Editor's Pricing Details Tab Video Tutorial


TurboBid Pricing

List Price (Manufacturers Price), TurboBid Price (Average price updated weekly), Pricing Unit of Measure

Vendor Pricing
Select one of the following: List Price, TurboBid Price, Lowest Vendor Price, Default Vendor

Manage Vendors (Opens the Manage Vendors screen), Vendor Name, Vendor SKU, Package Quantity, Use Discount Checkbox, Discount %, Price, Updated On (Update vendor pricing with a Vendor Price File, TurboPricer, Trade Service Supplier xChange, and NetPricer

TurboCloud item editor's pricing details tab

Manager Vendors screen

This feature allows you to add your supply house vendors. This information is used to add the vendor's pricing to your material items. It is used to add the supply house vendor information to your material purchase orders.

You can also setup TurboPricer and NetPricer so that you can connect your supply house vendors to your TurboBid items for real time vendor pricing updates.

TurboCloud's Manage Vendors Screen

Descriptions Tab

Item Editor's Pricing Descriptions Tab Video Tutorial

Catalog Description
Detailed description of the item.

Quantity Take-Off Description
TurboBid includes many documents that lists the items that are in an estimate. TurboBid item descriptions are technical in nature, so that the estimator know what the item is. If this is left empty, the documents will use the description. You can enter a less technical description for your customers.

TurboCloud item editor's description tab

Specifications Tab

Item Editor's Pricing Specifications Tab Video Tutorial

Detailed specifications for the item. TurboCloud includes a specification filter that displays items that have the specifications that you are searching for. You can select which specifications to use as a filter.

TurboCloud item editor's specification tab

Other Options Tab

Item Editor's Pricing Other Options Tab Video Tutorial

Select Applicable Options
Exclude from material price updates, Exclude from quantity take-off documents (Sometimes is better to keep items out of the bid package), Exclude from material purchase order documents, Exclude from pricing exception report).

Exclude From the Sync w/ TurboCloud Process
This feature allows you to change something and prevent it from reverting back to what it was during a Sync w/ TurboCloud process. If you change any of the following, you will receive a prompt asking you if you want to prevent it from reverting back to what it was during a Sync w/ TurboCloud process.

Update Description, Update Job Phase, Update Catalog Description, Update Labor Unit, Update Manufacturer, Update Quantity Take-Off, Update UPC #, Update Catalog #, Update Package Quantity

TurboCloud Item Editor's Other Options Tab