Quantities and Additional Costs

Material screen showing Package Quantity, Order Quantity, Bid Quantity, and Additional Cost

Bid Quantity

The bid quantity actually refers to the quantity of items that are included in the estimate. I thought it would be helpful to mention this to avoid any confusion.

Order Quantity

Just wanted to let you know that the order quantity will automatically match the bid quantity. However, if you need to order a minimum quantity, you can always revise the amount.

Package Quantity

Just wanted to let you know that every item in TurboBid now comes with a package quantity. This means that when you're placing an order for screws, wire nuts, conduit, fittings, or any other items, there's a minimum order quantity you need to keep in mind. But here's the cool part - if the package quantity is actually greater than the quantity you're bidding for, we've got you covered. An alert icon will pop up, reminding you to adjust the order quantity. And guess what? You can simply click on that icon and the order quantity will be automatically updated for you.

No need to stress about getting the quantities right anymore. TurboBid has got your back!

Additional Cost

Just wanted to show you how the minimum quantity order affects the total cost. We calculate the additional items needed by subtracting the bid quantity from the order quantity. Then, we multiply this number by the unit price.

Add Cost

If you don't have plans to use the item in any upcoming project, you have the option to select the "Add Cost" checkbox. This will automatically include the additional cost in the estimate.

Video Tutorial: The following Video Tutorial is included in TurboBid. It will teach you how to use the material screen for Package Quantities, Order Quantities, and how to add Additional Material Costs to the estimate.