Bid Quantity, Order Quantity, Package Quantity, and Additional Costs

Material screen showing Package Quantity, Order Quantity, Bid Quantity, and Additional Cost

Bid Quantity

The bid quantity represents the quantity of the items included in the estimate.

Order Quantity

The order quantity automatically reflects the bid quantity. This amount can be revised if you need to order a minimum quantity.

Package Quantity

Every item in TurboBid includes a package quantity. For example: screws, wire nuts, conduit, fittings, etc., all have a minimum order quantity.

If the package quantity is greater than the bid quantity, an alert icon will be displayed notifying you that you need to adjust the order quantity. Clicking on the alert icon will automatically update the order quantity.

Additional Cost

This displays the additional cost due to having to order a minimum quantity. The bid quantity is subtracted from the order quantity to calculate how many additional items need to be ordered. This amount is multiplied by the unit price.

Add Cost

If you will not use the item in a future project, you can check the "Add Cost" checkbox to add the additional cost to the estimate.

Video Tutorial: The following Video Tutorial is included in TurboBid. It will teach you how to use the material screen for Package Quantities, Order Quantities, and how to add Additional Material Costs to the estimate.