Residential Electrical Estimating

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Residential Electric Estimates for TurboBid Owners

When We Complete an Residential Estimate

My name is Bill Ruffner. I am TurboBid's founder and CEO

I will be the TurboBid employee that will estimate your residential electrical projects.


Before I started TurboBid, I was a union electrician (IBEW 176) and a union electrical contractor for a couple of decades in Illinois. We focused mainly on the residential market. Our customers were builders who built large custom homes, as well as national builders that built huge communities around the country.


I actually built TurboBid so that my company could have a better estimating system. At that time, I believe we were using an Excel spreadsheet to estimate our projects.


If you ever need help with estimating, you can hire me to complete estimates for you.


There is no reason for you to hire an estimator and be forced to add their salary to your overhead cost. You need to keep your overhead costs as low as possible so that you can win more jobs and grow your company into a powerhouse.


We will update your database's material prices, as well as add new items and assemblies via TurboCloud.


I will help you complete the employee burden wizard and the overhead calculator so that your estimates use the correct cost values.


I will complete a Per Plan take-off, a Value Engineered take-off, and any Optional take-offs that are in your blueprint.


I will provide you with a professional bid package. The following documents will be included:


Bid Price by Phase
By Category - Per Tab
By Category Tabs 1 and 2
By Column - Per Tab
By Column Tabs 1 and 2
Direct Cost / Bid Price Detail
Formal Proposal
Pricing Detail
Project Detail
Tab 2 - Add / Delete
Take-Off Analytical Details
Work Order


    Once you receive your database back, we can get together in a screen sharing session and go over the estimate together.