Employees and Burden Groups

Employees and Burden Groups

Easily create a list of all of the employees that work for your company. This is the only way that you can accurately calculate your overhead and burden costs.

Create a list of your field employees as well as your office employees or owners.

Field employees data reflects their hourly pay, hourly burden, skill level, jobsite hours, and payroll hours.

Jobsite Hours

These are the hours that the employee will actually be working on a jobsite.

All of your current field employee's jobsite hours will be added together. The total sum of all of your employee jobsite hours will be used to calculate your overhead rate per hour.

Your total overhead expenses will be divided by the total sum of your employee jobsite hours. It's imperative that you keep these wizards up to date so that your costs are correct in your estimates.

Payroll Hours

These are the hours that you are paying for the employee for the year. They are different than jobsite hours because they include paid time off for holidays, sick days, and vacation.

The payroll hours are used calculate the employee's annual burden cost.

The office employees and owners are required so that they can be selected in the overhead wizard's Office Employee's tab.

Office employees and owners are required so that you can select them in the Overhead Wizards Office tab.

This video represents TurboBid's Employees and Burden Groups wizard. Click the Play button and explore the wizard by clicking on the red outlined buttons or symbols.